Northern Piedmont is one of the most renowned wine-producing variety of its soils, all of which have very different characteristics. A distance of just a few metres between one vineyard and another is enough to cause these Nebbiolo wines to be classified as different from one another. 

    It’s precisely for this reason that I decided to acquire a number of plots of land, all aligned along Longitude 8. They range from the alluvial shingle soils of the hills of Salussola and Dorzano, near the lake of Viverone, to the ancient sands of Mottalciata and Lessona, the vulcanic earth of Bramaterra and the sandy composition of the ground at Sizzano. 

    I have grouped these different wines together under one roof, in a small but historic cellar located right in the beating heart of the region’s wine Renaissance, in Lessona, where we still use old concrete tanks for young wines and great Slavonian oak barrels for aged wines.